Our Story

Ministry of Gems® is based in Manly Vale, Sydney, Australia and we love being serious about our never ending passion for sourcing and supplying the best quality gems and high-end jewellery. We do this with a drive to remain sustainable and ethical and give back to enrich the lives of the communities that allow us to do what we do.

Akila Guruge

Ministry of Gems® Founder Akila Guruge is from Sri Lanka, and is a prominent figure in the Sri Lankan gem industry with well-established, reliable, and trustworthy connections from miners through to authorities.

Anna Lulinkova

Co-Founder Anna Lulinkova is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA) and an expert with keen eyes for natural gemstones. The three founders have been working at multinational corporations for 10+ years prior to founding the company.

Achira Guruge

Co-Founder Achira Guruge is also from Sri Lanka and moved to Australia at the age of 13. Having previously been employed as a Private Banker, he now looks after the company’s Investments and Finances, whilst guiding the overall company strategy and direction.

Turning humble mortal existences into immortal ever-expanding love stories

Our supply chain is vertically integrated

This means we have complete access to mines, cutters, jewellery makers and the best gemstones in the world. There is no middle man and that cost benefit is passed on to you.

We can uplift the inventory in your possession.

We provide multiple options for your customers to touch, feel and interact.

We supply those investor grade pieces to satisfy your big spenders.

Our multiple suppliers around the world means we can be your only supplier.

Diamonds (Natural and Lab Grown)

While natural diamonds get all the clout, over the recent years lab grown gems have been requested in various quantities for different purposes. With us you will know exactly what you are paying for and we can source any quantity you desire with all the certifications in order.

Silver Jewellery with Diamonds

These pieces are crafted with the intention of having a touch of affordable sparkle for any customer and they move fast. Tell us what you are interested in and we will make it for you.

Gold Designer Jewellery

Sometimes the gems we source deserve to be wrapped in intricate works of gold. We have some of the world's best designers and artisan craftsmen working with us, so let us know what you need and it will be yours.